Global Studies at RMIT has two new books launched by Senator Penny Wong

Two new books treating Humanitarian Intervention and International Development were launched on 25 July by Senator Penny Wong. Those were

Rethinking Humanitarian Intervention in the 21st Century, edited by Aiden Warren and Damian Grenfell (both of RMIT University)


International Development: A Global Perspective on Theory and Practice, edited by Paul Battersby (RMIT Global Studies) and Ravi Roy (University Southern Utah)

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These books contain insightful chapters authored by experts from around the world, including many of those located in Global Studies at RMIT.

Officiating the evening was Dr Vandra Harris, while Professor Andrew MacIntyre introduced Senator Penny Wong who declared the books launched. Editors Dr Aiden Warren and Associate Professor Paul Battersby introduced their respective volumes to a full hall of colleagues and students.

BAIS Alumni Jessica Heron goes to Hong Kong to Present Social Enterprise project

Jessica Heron

Jessica Heron

In 2015 Jessica Heron was involved in a social enterprise design project as part of International Professional Practice, taught by Dr Elizabeth Kath. Co-designer Michael Marinelli submitted their design to a summit happening in Hong Kong this month, and it was selected. Jessica will be attending the summit - without Michael sadly, who will be busy working in Spain - to discuss 'The Urban Refuge'. 

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New film collaboration involving Julian CH Lee

A new short documentary, Caring at a Distance: Three Families Staying Connected Across Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia, has just been published and made publicly available. This film is collaboration between Julian CH Lee and the Indonesian film-makers Dennis Hasangapon and Mahatma Putra of Anatman Pictures.  

Caring at a Distance examines how three families have responded to being dispersed across different countries as a result of diverse processes of globalization, and the ways in which they maintain their family bonds. The 22 minute film is viewable here:

Article by BA(IS) Hons Alumni Alek Hillas and Dr Aiden Warren on Robots in War

BA(IS) (Honours) alumni Alek Hillas and Global Studies senior lecturer Aiden Warren have just had a co-authored article published through the Yale Journal of International Affairs. The article addresses a number key issues relating to increasing presence of robotics and artificial intelligence in the field of war. 

Here Be Dragons Vol.3 arrives!

Volume 3 of the Global Studies magazine Here Be Dragons has just been published. This volume was edited by BA (International Studies) students Eiza Marot, Fletcher Adam and Alyssa Goodman, with contributions by students in the BA (IS), BA (IS) (Honours), Master of International Development and Global Studies PhD supervisees. The online version of Here Be Dragons is available here:

New book: International Development: A Global Perspective on Theory and Practice

Congratulations to Paul Battersby and Ravi Roy on their new volume International Development: A Global Perspective on Theory and Practice, published this year by SAGE.

The volume includes chapters by many current and former Global Studies@RMIT academics and alumni, including: Vandra Harris, Desmond Cahill, Jose Roberto Guevara, Damian Grenfell, Supriya Singh, Elizabeth Kath, Jonathan Makuwira, Julian CH Lee, Kent Goldsworthy, Cirila Limpangog, Gregoire Nimbtik, Rebekah Farrell, and Lesley Pruitt.

For more on this wonderful new book, visit the publisher's website:

Tommaso Durante's new article on the visual ideology of globalization

Read about Dr Tommaso Durante's perspectives on the visual ideology of the phenomenon of globalization in the UC California-Santa Barbara publication Global-E. 

Dr Durante will be teaching Religion, Conflict and Globalization at RMIT in February 2017. He is also associated with the Centre for Global Research.

Congratulations to BAIS Students on completing their degree!

On Tuesday 13 December we celebrated with a hundred students, their families, and friends, the completion of their studies at a fabulous private celebration. Staff and students spoke of their experience in the degree during a genuinely heartwarming and moving occasion... To all those who we won't see in the classroom anymore - you'll be missed.

Professor Joseph Siracusa & Dr Aiden Warren on ABC TV, on US Elections

Joe Siracusa and Aiden Warren were recently on ABC TV discussing issues relating to the historic US Elections. While Aiden appeared on ABC News 24, Joe appeared on Q and A. Watch the Q and A episode here:

Joe on Q and A

Joe on Q and A

Joe was quoted in a Tweet by Julian Burnside QC.

Joe was quoted in a Tweet by Julian Burnside QC.

Aiden Warren at the ABC News studio...&nbsp;

Aiden Warren at the ABC News studio...