Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the BA (International Studies)!

On 15 May 2019, we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the BA (IS). It was genuinely a superb evening. Alumni stretching back right to the first intake of students in 1999 were there, meeting and networking with current students and staff. It was so valuable and inspiring to find like-minded company, and to hear the heartfelt stories from many alumni about the place that the BA(IS) holds for them, as well as understand the myriad career trajectories that our students can pursue.

We packed out the venue. Everyone told us that you never get as many people come to an event as say they will. So, we were expecting about 150; we ended up with 300-350. That just shows the strength of the fondness that our students have for what we’re trying to achieve together.

Below are four galleries of photographs from the night. They might take a few moments to load. The first two were taken by Rudraksh Dhirajbhai Thumar, founder of the ‘Reflection Collective’ photography club at RMIT. Follow him on Instagram: @rudraksh_thumar

Above: Photos by Rudraksh Dhirajbhai Thumar - Part 1

Above: Photos by Rudraksh Dhirajbhai Thumar - Part 2

Below: Photos by our Romy Martini (mainly), using an Ilford black & white disposable film camera. Follow Romy on Instagram: @romy.clair

Below: Photos by our Prudence Bansemer, using a Fuji colour disposable film camera. Follow Prudence on Instragam: @twenty8birds